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(or simply put... The Collective Archives)

This may very well be the bulk of my artistic existence, but a statement
like that is by far a very hasty generalization, since most of the work
presented here is my avidly sick (and somewhat rather unpolished)
take on the things that would otherwise be generally classified as
either a graphic social commentary, or a thinly veiled stab at humor,
which usually dons on the guise of the many keen day-to-day
observations of the idiotic idiosyncrasies that humanity
(in general) finds itself constantly seeking
to endeavor in.

But that's just putting it mildly!

What we have here is basically just my natural inane tendency
to partake in being the completely objective satirical critic.
The kind that only strives to draw some humoristic pleasure
out of the crux of what would otherwise be
described as someone's livelihood!

Or maybe it's just a voyeuristic tendency on my part to blatantly
disregard any and all hindrances of a mundane reality and go on to
show off whatever I've got stirring atop of my shoulders.
Is this hobby of mine getting rather unhygienic?
Perhaps so...but unbridled craziness is just
my humblest opinion, to be quite honest!

Since I've taken the liberty of salvaging (or cherry picking)
these here lil' pieces of eye candy from my highly more
experimental past simply for the sake of your amusement.
So, I really hope you'll enjoy them!
Otherwise, you can all just get bent!

This may very well be the best of the worst that I have to offer...

Relatively speaking, that is!

And before you decide to click on any of the links below,
let me ask you all one very important question:

Which Is...

For the Love of God, People!
Can't you find anything
else better to do?!?

And If your Answer is Still No, then I'm Truly Sorry
for Having to Put You All Through This...

But Just Remember; You Asked for It!
Click on Any of the Links Below to Further
Your Descent Into the Depths of
My Unequivocal Madness!

So Without Any Further Ado,
Here It is Folks...

Le Crème de la Crappe!

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