The Kolorama Specimens Collection

The Kolorama Specimens is the continuation of the
Bacterium Kulture Samples series, immediately
following its debut at The Wallflower Gallery
during the spring-early summer of 2005.

Keeping in the tradition of highly refined
pen & color marker technique, this collection
builds upon the foundation laid out in the
original sixty six piece presentation with its
bold experiments in rudimentary color.

The Kolorama Specimens can best be described
as pseudo psychedelic outsider art deco primitive
art with a slight touch of architectural cubism.
This body of work leans heavily towards
intricately detailed patterns playing around
a centralized theme that is color theory.

This series picks up where the Bacterium Kulture Samples
left off, starting from Specimen 61-114, and is then divided
into three separate groupings, simply on account of the oddly
shaped pieces that make up Specimens 115 & 223-225, which
basically splits up Specimens 116-122 and Specimens 126-194
accordingly. In addition to the sequential pieces from this series,
there are also a few sub-collections that were produced in the same
vane as this series' predecessor; such as The Mini Specimens,
which were rendered upon index card sized stock paper, just like
The Phase II Samples, and The Miscellaneous Specimens which
were rendered on large scale sketch paper in the same fashion
as The Phase VII (or Misc.) Samples. The other two sub-
collections; Kolorama Specimens A-Z and the U-Specimens
are somewhat original to this series, even though most of them
were originally intended to be pieces from The Spectra Colaris Suite.

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The Kolorama Specimens Collection

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