Kolorama Specimens 115 & 123-125

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This small portion of the Kolorama Specimens contains
a distinct set of four pieces that were rendered upon a
rather unconventional surface (as opposed to the usual light
gloss copy paper, that is!) of card stock (or hard white paper
that almost feels like stock white index cards). In the process
of cataloging this online body of work, it was best to point
out the deviation from the norm here, not just because the modus
operandi behind the production of these pieces changed slightly,
but also because there was quite a significant gap of time between
the production of Specimens 115 and 116, if one takes notice...
This may have been due to a directional (or seasonal) push towards
developing a different series all together, or perhaps the well had run
dry for a bit; creatively speaking, of course! Either way it took a little
over a year to get the wheel rolling again; and once it did--- it yielded
quite a bit more pieces to this rather voluminous body of work.

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