The Psychosomia Melancholica Episodes Collection

The Psychosomia Melancholica Episodes Collection immediately
follows the body of work that is/was The Kolorama Specimens
(and/or The Bacterium Kulture Samples for that matter) and
takes the evolution of these related works of art a step further by
eliminating the use of varied color and focusing more attention
upon the intricate patterns and finer detail work contained
within the pieces' negative space. A monochromatic palette
(usually rendered in black ink, or any other type of
monochromatic color ink) applied against a static
backdrop with varying colors is the formula
that defines this collection as a whole.

This approach produces a more primal and subconscious
visual landscape upon which complex thought processes
form into bolder and yet more minimalist type of
expressions that manifest themselves upon on the
canvas in an almost free flowing stream of consciousness.

The main collection has sequential pieces labeled as Episodes
followed by a number and is comprised of 234 Episodes
(or 235 if one takes into consideration the error with Episode 185)
and is categorized into primarily five different kinds of distinct
variations; which are The Mini Episodes or Episodes rendered on
3" x 5" index card sized paper; which make up Episodes 1-30 and
Episodes 109-141. And then we have The Mindscape Episodes,
which were pieces rendered upon wide landscape sized
sketch paper. These pieces occur in three portions
spanning across this collection, occurring in the
Episode 43-54, Episode 61-70, and
Episode 74-98 ranges.

One of these episodes, Episode 95 is rendered on cardboard, and is
given the subtitle of Brownout, which would be the name given to
pieces rendered in such a fashion. These Brownout Episodes
make up the Episode 100-108 and 157-158, 162-163, & 185
range primarily... but also occur at the Episode 151-156,
159-161, & 164-171
, Episode 178-184 & 186-198,
Episode 200-234 intervals, however... for the
purpose of organizing this collection logically, it
becomes necessary to make mention of the fact that
these latter three groups also contain the remaining
two variants that make up this collection; which are
The Blackout Episodes, or episodes rendered on
standard sized 11" x 8.5" copy paper, whose specific
pieces can be found in the Episode 33-42, Episode 55-60
and Episode 71-73 & 99 range. It's also important to
mention that the latter two groups each contain
an instance of the last variation of the types of
Episodes from this collection, which are known as
The Chromatic Episodes, or pieces that are either
rendered upon color folder cut outs and/or construction
paper or have a colorful monochromatic color to them,
that is... other than the typical black ink that virtually
dominates the overall look of this particular series.

These Chromatic Episodes can be found in the
aforementioned groupings; as Episode 60
and Episode 99 but also occur at earlier
instances throughout the series; such as
the Episode 31-32, Episode 142-150, and
Episode 172-177 ranges, respectively.

It is the characteristic of using colored
surfaces for this last variant that would go on to
yield several sub-collections, such as the Red, Pink,
Yellow, Blue, Green, and Alpha Green Episodes.

Other pieces from this collection include Episodes A-Z, which is
similar to a previously used concept from The Kolorama Specimens;
The Alpha (or A Series) Episodes; which were all rendered on
newsprint paper, and The X-Episodes; which were produced upon
slightly large scale sketch pad paper, while the rest of the remaining
pieces from this collection fall under the Misc. Episodes category.

This collection is also indirectly influenced
by the fine art of Guillaume Azoulay.

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