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157-158, 162-163, & 185

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Episodes 157-158, 162-163, & 185 (both variations) of
The Psychosomia Melancholica Collection can best be
classified as one-off (or technically two-off) instances
that occur in the main series and later again in the left
over pieces; or the remaining Misc. Episodes pertaining
to the bulk of this collection. The rare gimmick in question
occurs in the first two pieces from this group, which consists of
a couple of affixed cardboard pieces onto a cardboard backing
and rendering them as if they were one piece interrupted by a
space in between, though technically this approach is more
evident in Episodes 157 & 158 than it is in 162 & 163... as the
latter of the two were originally set to be two individual pieces
as opposed to one combined one. The remaining piece from this
group Episode 185 has two variations, due to an error in name
designation. Many pieces were produced around this period, resulting
in batches of pieces lying around, so it seems that this particular
piece was misplaced and forgotten before the whole collection was
audited again for a proper chronology; in as far as name and number
designations were concerned. So basically, in order to avoid any
further numbering complications, this piece was given two
variable suffixes. Even though these two pieces do not share
the same combined grouping as the two former ones in this
particular grouping, they were in fact, briefly considered
to share the same affixed canvas, making the only common
thread between all of these pieces the fact that they are
all generally classifiable as Brownout Episodes.

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