The Spectra Colaris Suite

The Spectra Colaris Suite follows the artistic progression of both
The Bacterium Kulture Samples (AKA: The Kolorama Specimens)
and The Psychosomia Melancholica Collection by fusing the
dramatic elements of each series' style together in order
to produce an entirely new look based on the loose
concept of minimalism set against a pseudo
structural form of abstract futurism art.

The greater part of the core series is made up by mini
or index card sized pieces, while the rest can be generally
mistaken for Kolorama pieces, however... the dead giveaway
here is that the intricate fine point patterns are drawn against
white negative space surfaces; which at first glance may appear
to be incomplete for its apparent lack of color, but this is
what clearly sets this series apart from the others.

Borrowing heavily from the novelty of the previous two series,
an alphabetical A-Z series of Spectrums was planned, however
did not happen due to waning interest; and so the closest thing are
The Gradiant Spectrums which have both a letter and a number
designation to their titles. Further experimentation with surfaces such
as construction paper and folder cut outs yielded in the development of
The Alpha Spectrums. Unfortunately, this direction wasn't as successful
an attempt as the Psychosomia Melancholica Collection was - in as far as
incorporating these makeshift canvases were concerned, so it wasn't before
long that the preferred drawing surface would be simple sketch or copy paper
as the idea of eliminating the fully painted backgrounds and focusing more
on the foreground patterns started to make more sense, and so the series
would evolve into four monochromatic sub-collections, which are the Red, Blue,
Green, and Purple Spectrums which would define the overall distinct look
of this series. There was also a small number of pieces that were accidentally
left out of the whole cataloging procedure due to being misplaced, but were
subsequently recovered again. These pieces are generally defined by the
the unconventional surfaces they were rendered upon (such as
sticker labels) and were thus classified as Miscellaneous Spectrums.

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