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Possibly the most interesting piece in the entire Spectra Colaris Suite
has to be the very first Spectrum; which is technically not the first
piece in this series - as it was not originally intended to be part
of a new collection, but rather it was a Mindscape Episode from
The Psychosomia Melancholica Collection. This is the only piece to
have two designated titles (i.e. Episode 74 and Spectrum 1) making it
a crossover or hybrid piece. Upon realizing that the distinct look derived
from using more subtler colors and relying upon more negative space
to bring out the different shades produced by intricate patterns, the decision
was made albeit a little late (after the first batch of Spectrums was produced,
but not yet given a proper title) to come up with an entirely different series
and giving this particular piece a double title as a sort of passing on of
the artistic baton, so to speak... It exists as a chronological error, as the
date in which it was completed a month after the first twenty episodes
were completed. So technically, this piece would have been the twenty-
first Spectrum, were it not for the fact that the other pieces
were not officially christened during this period.

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