The Beacon Years

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First of all, I want to extend a great many thanks to Linnea Butterfield
for literally pointing out this here opportunity to yours truly
(AKA: moi, myself, and/or me in the first person)
when The Beacon Newspaper was looking for a cartoonist;
Alan Diaz for granting me the opportunity to contribute to the paper,
and inevitably putting up with all my tongue-in-cheek nonsense;
Alexa Hudson and Alex Rico for being the great friends
that they were/are by letting me contribute my talent to
their columns; Eduardo Rodriguez (no relation) for all
his bright ideas, one of which included renaming my
strip at one point; Paul Hodges for the Skeleton concept
(which was really a female by the way, in case anybody's
wondering...) and Ashlei Huneycutt for her personal take
on that very same Spring Break Registration cartoon,
which basically stirred up a hornet's nest
on campus, and went on to make me

Now for the technical stuff; in total, there should be nineteen or twenty
Animate Tripe cartoons that were produced for the Beacon during my stint there,
two were unreleased (the first and last one, respectively) and one is missing
from this here collection...if memory serves it's the clubbing for ducks comic,
which basically set out to inspire everybody to ride those FIU golf carts in
order to recreationally whack the crap out of all of the residential wild life.
In a word, it was pretty juvenile, sick, and very distasteful, to say the
least, but it was these couple of odd years that broke my chops to
weed out the worst and the best in all that I had to offer.

Basically put, it's the golden years (i.e. the height of my artistic career...
in as far as one can call what I do a "career, that is!")

So what the hell happened to me, anyways?

Well, I got just a little too carried away, that's all.
After the whole letter to the editor incident stating that my
cartoon was a sexist portrayal of the student body
(and what lovely bodies they are, at that, I must say!)
I tried to intentionally up the volume on the
whole controversial aspect of my work as much as possible.
The only problem was that time after time, I got the feeling that I just lacked
substance, or any worthwhile message to convey to my avid audience,
sometimes I was just altogether too self-centered, but hey...

I was just going through the motions, that's all!

And Now It's Time for a Little Bonus Trivia...

This is not the first newspaper that I contributed my artwork to.
The first paper I ever submitted ideas to was the one in my high school.
Now since they weren't open-minded enough to print my contribution to the
masses, I'm not going to bother mentioning that crumby school's name.

So... Ha! And double Ha!

The first submission (to the Beacon), as I said before, has disappeared into
the annals (I always wanted to say that) of art history (basically it
was making fun of the cartoonist want ad) and it's as as cheesy as it is flimsy;
whereas the last one was given a face lift and now graces the first page of
the Idpi Series...if you could only be there to see the editor's face when
he saw that cartoon! My oh my, you just can't top good sexual humor, even
if it's not human! Now that I look back on this long strange trip,
I think I just had no respect for anybody in general! Matter of fact, the
volume numbers was a years-ahead-of-my-time approach to satire...
because eventually the paper itself would print errors on their
volume numbers as well. Yes, that's right!

On one occasion, there was a mysterious skip from volume nine
to volume ten in one of the issues, and another time there was a
repeating No. 18. These weren't your average run-of-the-mill garden
variety typographical errors here folks...this were some pretty
serious editorial flaws. It even makes me wonder sometimes about
who was more professional; me for being too unconventional or them
for being so anally retentive! I mean, the infamous spring registration
cartoon got the most attention, and it just had to be the one with the
conjugation error in it! Yeah, I know it's supposed to be read dreaded,
and not dread. Somehow, I must have forgotten to make the
correction after the touch up dab of correctional
fluid was applied.  So sue me!

No, better yet, sue the staff for not realizing it fast enough!

Okay, enough yakking. In here you'll find the Animate
Tripe series in full swing, as well as contributions
to the writers (Alex and Alexa, remember?)
other side jobs and front page appearances.!

The Beacon Years (Animate Tripe Gallery)

The Beacon Years (Misc. Tripe)

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